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An antenna is a program designed to help you put together a professional-looking website in no time.

The app has a nice interface, with an intuitive layout. However, inexperienced users might find it difficult at first to figure out what each button does.

With this program, you can create a webpage from scratch and include a wide variety of buttons, areas and other information. Thus, you can include photo galleries, multimedia boxes (YouTube, Media Player, Quicktime, Light Frame, etc.), drop-down menus, frames, and text. Also, check boxes, form buttons, fields, and options lists can be integrated.

Naturally, you can assign a background color for the webpage or include an image. Details, such as the web page title, a short description and keywords can be jotted down in the “Page settings”.

It’s possible to build the entire website on layers, which is extremely helpful if you often change your mind about any items. Thus, you can only edit the desired layer and leave the others unaltered. Furthermore, the program enables you to include pages, rollover buttons, and other special FX.

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Antenna Web Design Studio

Features of Antenna

Visual editor for Rapid Site Development:
• Drag and drop WYSIWYG – Pixel Accurate. Position items exactly where you want them to be. Customizable ‘snap-to-grid’ facility for easy object alignment.

Powerful Graphics Capabilities built in:
• Make professional web galleries of your digital photos with the Photo Gallery creator. Create high-quality button graphics and gradients with Antenna’s integrated Button and Gradient Lab utilities – all built in, no extra software required.

Full Layers System with Layer Transparency:
• You can build your web pages in layers, place related items on the same layer, add new layers, overlap items and change layer opacity for translucent effects.

Include Pages:
• Include any page as a layer on any other page. A real time saver when you need the same items to appear on many pages – and any changes are reflected instantly across all other pages!

Design with Style – CSS Styles Editor built in:
• Perfect your look, and make sweeping visual changes across the whole site quickly and simply.

Rollover Buttons and Special FX:
• Shadows, motion blur, neon, water – all done visually, no HTML coding required.

Add Audio and Video to your web pages:
• Supports AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, and Flash.

Object Properties Palette:
• No need for complex modal dialog boxes – modify items using a floating palette and see the results instantly. Very quick – once you know how to customize one type of object, you know how to customize them all.

Single File Project:
• A website is saved as a single file on disk – very easy to manage. Organize your web and move files around at any time without having to worry about broken links – Antenna keeps links updated automatically.

Integrated FTP Publisher:
• No need for additional publishing software. Antenna’s built-in publisher includes a ‘Publish Changes Only’ option for rapid site updates.

Multiple Languages – Site Localisation:
• All text and image objects support the facility to change their content based on language – so you can easily create and maintain multilingual sites from a single design.

Custom HTML:
• Advanced users can add custom HTML code and Javascript, and even create completely new object types using the Antenna’s HTML plugin system.

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